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Who we are

Qatar Expo specializes in conceptualizing and managing exhibitions, conferences, and tailored events. With a highly talented and experienced board of directors and a brilliant staff to deliver the requirements, we have managed to become the number one choice for companies in Qatar to create and direct their events.

Founded in 1993, Qatar Expo has been proactively dealing with market demands for the past 20 years, and are dedicated to the development and vision of Qatar’s leaders and people.

We partner with the most capable organizations to bring you events unsurpassed in quality to ensure that they are not only sensational in every aspect, but memorable to the guests, visitors, and everyone involved.

The Board

Sheikh Jabor Bin Yusef Bin Jassim Al-Than

Hadi Alzain Ali

Chief Executive Officer

We are also a member of the UFI, the world’s largest and leading association for exhibition management companies.

Many have welcomed Qatar Expo into their world. We hope you let us into yours.